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Parenting Resources

This page contains handouts and links to various parenting resources.  We recommend that you discuss any strategies with your child’s therapist before using them.  See also the Patient Handouts page for useful handouts for kids.  

12 Steps to Raising a Juvenile Delinquent

101 Ways to Praise Your Child     

ADHD and Behavior Management

Adoptive Families

Adult Children:  A series of articles on parenting adult children living at home–Dr. Laura Markham’s website offers numerous parenting tips.

Behavior Chart 2015–Developed by Dr. Crist, this file explains in detail how to develop and use a behavior chart.

  Free Printable Behavior Charts–includes multiple charts, reward coupons, etc.

Anxiety in Kids: GoZEN--An interactive website for anxious kids

The Expert Parent’s Guide to Childhood Anxiety

Bullying –Guide to Bullying Prevention–This site contains a number of useful links.                  Cyberbullying Resource Guide

Change in Action:  Non-profit resource, offers anger management for teens and families.

Child Mind Institute–This site contains multiple articles on parenting issues.

Dr. Crist’s Parenting Podcasts: Topics:  Anxiety, Discipline, Siblings, Social Skills


Driving:     Contract for Teen Drivers       The Truth About Teen Driving

Car Driving  Safety Guide for Parents and Teens

Eating Disorders: Maudsley: For parents of kids with eating disorders

Electronic Chore Charts--versions for Ipad, Ipod Touch, and Android.  Makes charting fun!

Empowering Parents.  Contains many useful handouts on parenting issues.  Sign up for free newsletter.

Good Behavior Road Signs.  Good for young children or autistic children.  

Helping ADHD Kids Succeed at School

Homework 101     

How To Write A Home Rules Contract: Designed for teens

Hygiene Chart  An excellent resource from the Consortium for Science-Based Information on Children, Youth and Families. Our goal is to promote healthy child and families.   Resccoures for parents to keep their kids safe in the digitial age.   Online webinar coming soon!

Love and Logic Institute--an excellent resource for parenting and raising responsible children!   Many free handouts are available on their website

Parental Wisdom--A site that contains parenting advice.  You can post questions to parenting experts.  Dr. Crist is a contributing expert.  

Parenting and Stress:  Developing Your Own Coping Strategies

Parenting Wisely   A series of online parenting workshops available for purchase.  

Dr. Carl Pickard’s parenting articles.  An excellent collection of articles on parenting, including parenting strong-willed children, teens with substance abuse issues, divorce, etc.

Positive Discipline–-Dr. Jane Nelson’s Positive Discipline site and Positive Discipline Association.

Prince William County branch of Virginia Cooperative Services--They offer numerous parenting classes and workshops, including the STEP parenting program, working with at-risk teens, and families with anger issues.

Rabiner ADHD Monitoring System    Rooms--How to  Get Teens to Clean Their Rooms

School Accommodations and Modifications for ADHD and other learning issues

Self-Injury–Information if your child is engaging in self-harm, cutting, or other form of self-injury.

SOS Time Out Guidelines      Time Out Guide       TYPER Shark--Free typing tutor game for kids

Stepparenting and Blended Families--A guide from

Substance Abuse (Drugs & Alcohol) in Teens:   Teen Drug Use/Abuse

Summer Activities 2008 in Prince William County .  This is the latest list we could find, so be sure to check.

SUMMER CAMPS--Information on Summer Camp Options and supplies

Teaching Kids How to Be Friendly                          Teaching Kids How to Be Helpful

Ten Terrific Ways to Connect with Children             Ten Terrific Ways to Connect with Teens

Understanding Sibling Rivalry

UNDERSTOOD–resources for helping kids with learning and attention problems, including dyslexia

Teenage offers useful information as well as a contract you can use with your teen driver.   Check out a Kiplinger's article, "Kids, Cars, & Cash" for more useful information.   

Video Game Addiction:  GameQuitters.  Excellent information for parents (and others) about overcoming gaming addiction.

Virginia Cooperative Extension.  This resource includes child development articles.    

Virginia Parent Information and Resource Center (

Volunteering.  Fun ways to help kids get involved and give back to others.

WebMD Parenting Information

Selp Help Catalogs

Here are some excellent resources for self-help books for kids, teens, and parents.  

ADD Warehouse (800) 233-9273                        Childswork/Childsplay (800) 962-1141

Courage To Change  (800) 440-4003                 Free Spirit Publishing (800) 735-7323

Impact Publications ( 703-361-7300)                 New Harbinger  (800) 748-6273

Jessica Kingsley Publishers  (866) 416-1078      Love and Logic (800) 338-4065      

Magination Press (800) 374-2721                        Parenting Press   (800) 992-6657

Woodbine House (800) 843-7323                         Boystown Press   (800) 282-6657