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Teen Page

This page is designed for teens.  Feel free to check out some of the sites listed.  Contact Dr. Crist if any of the links are not working or if you'd like to suggest a link.  Please note that some of these sites may not be appropriate for younger children.

Acne Website--Dedicated to teenagers who are suffering from acne.  Includes information on treatment and coping.

ADHD--A Teenager's Guide.   Information for teens with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.     Studying with ADHD

Alanon and Alateen--For family members of alcoholics

Awesome Library--Links to top 5 education sites, including information on various academic subjects.  Click on links for kids or teens.  Also contains information for counselors and teachers.

Best  Helpful for searching for colleges as well as resources once you get to college, including help with writing and mental health issues.  

Bullying:  Teens Against Bullying by Pacer Center, National Center for Bully Prevention. .    Guide to Bullying Prevention

College Students and Learning Disability Laws--learn about your rights in college if you have ADHD or other learning difficulties.

College Assistance Guide for Students with ADHD

           Online Colleges–Affordable Colleges Online website.   Provides information for              pursuing an online college degree.

             Accredited Schools Online–Also provides information for online schools.

CAREERS--Check out the for information on choosing a career.  You can do a free self-test and learn about different careers, what the demand is, schools that offer specific programs, and how much the average salary is. Check it out!    Learn How To Become is another good site!

The Cool Spot: Information on Alcohol for Teens

Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students’s Mental Health Guide for College Students

College Search Data Base:  website that allows you to search for colleges based on certain criteria.   

        College Atlas/College Search Site           

Driving--The Truth  About Teen Driving    Texting and Driving

Earning Potential--Check out how much more money you can make if you go to college instead of sticking with a high school diploma.  You might be surprised!!!

GED Programs:  Prince William County        Stafford County (Turning Point)

Gotta Quit--if you want to quit smoking cigarettes or are even just thinking about it.

Grammar Help from Purdue Online Writing Lab

High School Ace--an online learning center for high school students. It features interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes. It also includes subject guides for English, foreign languages, math, science, and social studies.

High School GPA Calculator–you can calculate your GPA, including IB and AP classes

Homework Resources--sponsored by Montgomery County School System--includes links to various sources of information.              Homework.Answers.Com for Teens:--also has useful information.  

Inside the Teenage Brain--A PBS special on how the teenage brain operates.  You can watch the video online and also learn more about how the brain works.  Includes interactive sites in which you can explore different areas of the brain!

The In Site:  Lots of useful information on relationships, dealing with authority figures, family issues, social justice, and making the world a better place.   Includes message boards and places where you can ask questions.

I Love information on learning foreign languages.   

Khan Academy:  An excellent site that contains videos and other resources to help you understand subjects you may not be understanding at school.  Check it out!

MADD--Under 21--for students interested in underage alcohol use and the problems it can cause.  Includes a link to AlcoholEdu, which is an online course with Outside the Classroom which is aimed at high school students looking to learn more about alcohol use and problems, such as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Masters in Psychology Guide.Com    Provides information on Careers in psychology.  

Math Help for Kids:  AAAMath   MathLeague    

Media & Body Image---Information on how body image for teen women can affect them, and how to cope.

Money Confident Kids–Learn the basics on how to manage money successfully.

National Institute for Drug Abuse--Students & Young Adults.  Good information on teens and substance abuse, including research.

Peterson's Educational Portal.  Good site for searching for colleges.  Includes information on financial aid, applications, private high schools, entrance exams, and more.

The Princeton Review:  Lists college rankings.  You can sign up for free newsletter on college-related information. Also check out 100 Best Values in Colleges from Kiplinger's.   

SAT/ACT Information, Practice Tests, Study tips

Safety First--Information on Drug Abuse--Promotes abstinence, but also discusses harm reduction.  

Self-Injury Support: Project  The Butterfly Project-You Tube    Cutting Depression

SMYAL--Washington, DC area support services for LGBTQ teens dealing with sexual orientation issues.

Stress Management for Teens

Study Guides and Strategies--provides information on reading and writing skills, test taking, and studying.

          Veritas Prep--Online Reference for Test Taking Strategies and Note Taking

Study Skills--A collection of self-help information on how to study and manage your time from Virginia Tech.

            100 Self-Help & Study Skills for Students with ADHD   Norwich University Study Skill Strategies

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

The Trevor Project: The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources including our nationwide, 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline, digital community and advocacy/educational programs that create a safe, supportive and positive environment for everyone.     

Virginia’s College Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities

Virginia Department of Education Students Site--Contains many excellent resources.

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles--Information about driving offenses.  Find out what the penalties are for various violations such as speeding.  You may be surprised at how expensive even relatively minor violations can be.